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The Operation

A shadow show is where you have the bright light behind you and the sheet between you and the audience so that they see the shadows. Your heads can be seen over the top and on the sides, but the action MUST be shadowed on the sheet and be the main attraction. In case you decide not to use the shadow show, no problem. But you need a high table or bench so make it looks "real."

  • Doctor, Nurse, Patient, bright light, white sheet, frying pan, kitchen knife, large rope and wooden needle, all sorts of toys and other silly things to "take out" of the patient's belly.
  • Setting: Doctor's Office

Patient: (Walking into office.) Doctor! Doctor! I need your help.

Doctor: (Real whacko.) Oh, good, come here and I'll fix you up good. Nurse, anaesthetize the patient!

Patient: But Doctor! (Nurse "hits" him on the head with frypan; he passes out.)

(Time to really ham it up; Doctor is real messy in opening up the patient with knife; he "finds" all sorts of things in the belly, each time explaining that this is a good part of the problem. Every once in a while during the action,)

Patient: (Wakes up.) But Doctor!

Doctor: Nurse! Put him under! (Nurse hits patient with frying pan, restrains, etc.)

Finally, the doctor is finished and sews him up.

Doctor: (Tapping shoulder of the patient, who wakes up.) Do you feel better now?

Patient: But Doctor! I just need to use your phone!!

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