The New Bike
Posted On: 2021-08-30

  • Salesman, Buyer, 4 people to be bicycles, Victim
  • The five "bicycles" are in a doggy position.

Salesman: Here, Sir, is our most popular model. It also has an unbelievably low price. Try it.

Buyer: OK -- (tries it) -- no, it's not the right size.

Salesman: Then try this one. It's got 25 gears and goes really fast.

Buyer: No, I don't need that many.

Salesman: All right, try this one.

Buyer: I don't quite like the color.

Salesman: This one is a great mountain bike; great reports from everyone.

Buyer: Hmmm... OK. Hey! I really like this!

(All of a sudden the mountain bike collapses-falls down.)

Salesman: My, I'm so embarrassed. Are you sure you wouldn't like to purchase one of the other bicycles? They're very good.

Buyer: Not really. I really liked this last one.

Salesman: Hold on, let me get one of my men from the back. (Get your victim.) Do you think you can fix this bike? (Instructs him to lift up the bike and pull this, tighten that.) Now Sir, try it.

Buyer: Hey! This is great! You've just sold this bike! What did your technician do?

Salesman: Well, I guess all that was needed was a nut to hold it up!




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