The Greatest Spitter in the World
Posted On: 2021-08-26

  • GSITW, Partner with metal pot (with a bit of water in it) and a pebble
  • Setting: Boardwalk, Circus, Amusement Park

(Separate GSITW and partner by about 15 feet.)

Partner: Ladies and Gentlemen! May I present to you the Greatest Spitter in the World! He does all kinds of tricks with a mere spit! Let him show you the simple spit first!

(GSITW sends off a regular spit, which is caught in the pot by the partner. When it's supposed to land, he hits the bottom of the pot with a secret pebble he holds in his hand.)

Partner: Ladies and Gents! That is not all he can do! Watch his fastball!

(Again, another spit which immediately "lands" in the pot. Continue with tricks, such as slow spit, high spit, round the world spit (in which case each turns around, backs facing each other, and the spit takes a while to come around but indeed does,) curve spit, and so on. Finally,)

Partner: Now for his last spit! It's a really difficult spit but we think we have it! It's a high, quadruple axle, curvy, spring jump spit! We must have absolute silence for this one!

(GSITW spits up, partner follows it up, doing 4 spins, it curves side to side, begins to jump up and down in the air, then he seems to lose it ... no, there it is ... he goes side to side, trying to catch it, he trips and spills the water on the crowd.)



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