Den Doodles
Posted On: 2019-06-02

The den doodle is an emblem chosen by the den as its central form of den recognition.  During den meetings, the doodle is the gathering point for the boys to show their achievements and other various records (such as participation or attendance).  The den doodle can readily be used as ceremonial equipment during either a den or pack ceremony for recognizing the advancement of the Cub Scout.

The den doodle's form can be just about anything.  The main importance is that it expresses instant recognition of which den it belongs.  The emblem chosen and the den designation are two main features which should be incorporated into the den doodle design.  From this emblem there may be suspended some device (string, leather strips, shoelaces, wood, etc.) called a doodle dangle to show the earned achievements of the Cub Scouts.  The materials need not be expensive, many are created from objects in the common household.

Holiday Magic

- Snowman from Styrofoam balls and toothpicks


Cut a tongue depressor into a rectangle.  Paint a small portion blue with white stars.  Paint the remaining portion red with white stripes.

Wet And Wild - Cut 2 pieces of heavy duty plastic bags.  Color one blue with a marker.  Cut fish from foam or colored paper.  Glue to the blue piece of plastic.

Happy Trails - From a small circle of fun foam or on a round piece of wood, paint a compass

Save it for Us - Paint a film canister silver to represent trashcan.  Fill with "trash" (sticks, paper, tin foil.)

What do you want to do at Holiday time?


Put a thin dowel or birthday candle in a pony bead.  The pony bead becomes the candle stand.

Turn on the Power - Use a small used light bulb such as a Christmas bulb or night light bulb.  Paint if desired.

Toughen UP




Cub Grub - Silver turtle packet with paper or cotton balls inside

Bugs and Things -  Pom ball with antennae and eyes

See the Forest for the trees - Beaded tree

Space the New Frontier (space derby) “Woodsie” space ship

From Sea to Shining Sea - “Woodsie” fish

California Gold Rush - Stone painted gold and glued on wood piece.

Hey, Look Us Over - Fun foam glasses and eyes combination

Discover Our Heritage - Wood piece with drawn on family tree

Does not Compute - Computer printout glued on cardboard

Christmas Gift - Wrap a small box (empty raisin box) with wrapping paper and tie with a bow.

Pocket Den Doodle - Cut the background from heavy duty plastic bag.  Fill with small plastic lizards, frogs, worms, etc.  Also include pebbles, dirt and sticks.  Seal the bag using a bag sealer. 

Turn Back the Clock - Clock face on wooden circle

Graduation? - Paint a small clay pot and a small square of wood blue.  Paint a face on a round bead.  Thread a pipe cleaner through the clay pot, then the bead and through a hole drilled in the square of wood.  Using another piece of pipe cleaner, pull some of the fuzz from the wire, leaving a small end for the tassel.

Passports To Other Lands - Cut 2 rectangles of Fun Foam. Cut Several pieces of paper for the inside of the passport. Put the foam on either side of the paper and stitch the passport together.



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