Growing up in Alaska
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Now would be an excellent time to read a book to your smallest kids, or have the young children who already know how to read, read it for themselves. This book has won a number of awards since it has been published. This is the story of a little baby Arctic Tern who, with the help of his parents, grows up learning how to take care of himself and fly. The cover shows a colorful artistic picture of what the baby Tern and one of his parents look like, but once you open the book you enter a full photo scrapbook of a small family of Terns who are living in Anchorage's coastal wildlife refuge. The story is cute, the photos are gorgeous. All in all, it is a nice story promoting the refuge area via a true story of what it is like for these beautiful migratory birds. 



This is a wonderful book that intertwines a story with factual information about the Arctic Tern and its development during its first season of life. It very well could be used as a supplement to a science lesson for daycare and early Elementary age school children. As the story is told from the baby Tern’s point of view it helps the reader to feel like a child experiencing new things in life for the very first time.



The first season of an arctic tern's life is told in this lovely children's book. It is told from the baby chick's point of view and is accompanied by beautiful photographs. The details of how a baby chick eats, learns to swim and fly, and why they are colored differently from their parents as baby birds. This book provides early readers with a lot of educational details.

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