10 uses for old plastic bags
By: Posted On: 2020-01-20


I’m trying to think of several different uses for those plastic bags I have. Actually, I don’t have any plastic bags to use anymore, but I used to. The municipality where I live now banned their use completely. I used to have lots of those plastic bags laying around. The local municipality banned the use of plastic bags for several reasons. One reason was to keep them from ending up in the ocean. Plastic bags never really break down, unlike paper or wood products… they just get smaller and smaller. The end up in the waterways, they plug up drains in the sewers, and if they do end up going to the landfill, they will never break down. Here is a video to help explain the problem…




So, perhaps you have decided to find a good use for those plastic bags that you still have taking up space in your broom closet. How about using them for a trash receptacle liner?


Wad those plastic bags up and use them as matress or pillow stuffing. 

Use those old plastic bags to keep your cast dry when you take a shower.

Line the cat’s litter box with them.

When you go on vacation, always take a few with you in your suitcase to be able to separate that wet swimsuit until you get a chance to dry it.


If it’s going to frost, you can cover your tender plants with a plastic bag the night before to protect them.

Use them as packing material for items you are going to ship.

For cars that are parked in the open, you can place plastic bags over the side mirrors and wiper blades to keep them free from snow or freezing rain.

When you’re working in the garden, try wrapping some plastic bags around your knees to not only keep them dry and clean but also provide a little extra cushiony comfort.

Depending on their size, plastic bags are often used as emergency rain gear.



If you think of more ways to use old plastic sacks, please share them in the comment section below.