5 funny Boy Scout's skits
By: Posted On: 2019-09-02


Here are some funny Boy Scout skits from YouTube that I came across that made me laugh!


This is a skit done by the Boy Scouts during the 2006 Laughs For Lunch Show done for the community. This skit is about a gentleman opening a new furniture store. Of course, people are chosen to be the furniture. The local district executive was picked on during this skit.



Myself, Chris from chrisandcompanyfilms, and Danny, a fellow scout,  put on the skit "Falling Rocks." Please enjoy. A tip if you are watching this to get ideas for your own campfire: mix up the characters names and scenarios.  Have fun!


A funny Boy Scout Skit entitled “What Goes in the Fire, Stays in the Fire.”  Starring Troop 1021’s own amazing theatrical talent


Small group GO DEEP does a mini skit at the Raft Trip Talent Show.


Invisible Bench is a classic camp skit, perfect for any age actors.