Brand new Cubstruction
By: Posted On: 2019-03-29


We have created a brand new set of worksheets for you to use with your Scouts during meetings or perhaps with your younger children. These new worksheets contain a word search puzzle, a cryptogram, a house with a puzzle in it, a scavenger hunt, a song to sing and a special picture to color. There is also a Kamp Knots cartoon included. This new Cubstruction set of worksheets was put together after a lot of thought and getting the talents of some artistic people to help us out. The answer key for page one of the worksheets is displayed above.

We put our heads together and came up with this set of Cubstruction worksheets to share with you and your kids! The Insanescouter group thought of some cool ideas for some good sit down activities for your group and added a bunch of them to this worksheet set. Try out the Scavenger hunt as its springtime and all of the things in the list will be available after this winter has finally gone past. We will add a link to an mp3 file in case you don’t know the tune for “On Top of Old Smokey.”

We would be really honored if you would print this out for your scouts & ecstatic if you were to share it with your scouting friends!