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7 DIY piggy banks

By:    Posted On: 2018-10-11



Did you have piggy bank savings while growing up?  I remember having an antique car (made out of metal) that had a key to open up the bottom. I gave the key to my mom, to hold for me until I had enough money to buy what I was saving for. I’ll bet you had one too! The odds are good that you probably did. Little ceramic pigs have been a savings mechanism for families and children all around the world for several years. Over time, pink pigs with curly tails have evolved into superheroes, toy trains and a variety of other sorts of animals. All that to say that piggy banks aren’t only pigs anymore, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes for every child’s (and adult’s) individual tastes. When your kids really want the latest and greatest toy or a new action figure, let them know they will have to save up for it. Give them a jar for each of their desired purchases and offer them a small commision each week in an amount that encourages savings.

We’re going to share some neat ideas with you on making some DIY banks made out of everyday things that you probably already have around the house. We invite you to cast a glance at the ideas displayed below and consider this short craft for your upcoming project.
 Mason jar Superhero banks are the DIY project that we will start our project with…


Click on the link above the picture to go to a site and read the instructions on how to do this project, or here is a video on how to use mason jars to make a different kind of piggy bank… 


How about a formula can piggy bank?  Click here to get some pictures and instructions.

I like this next idea quite a lot… It is a giant mail tube pencil piggy bank!

 Look what we can do for the next item! You can make these for used coffee cans (yup, you can still find these at your grocery). These are Totem Pole banks.

Buy a piggy bank from the dollar store and spice it up with some glitter, here’s how.

 You can make a piggy bank out of a soda bottle too… Here’s how

And…… saving the best for last (seeing as I used to work at both a recycled paperboard mill and a cereal company… here are 3 different ways to make a piggy bank from a used cereal box. This is from the makers of Kix cereal.


By the way, I still have my old piggy bank, from when I was a kid. I’m pretty sure that the bank is now worth more than the few coins that I left jingling around inside it! Please tell us about your own piggy bank ideas and share your comments below

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