Campfire toaster review
By: Posted On: 2018-05-15

Today we’re going to review a Coghlan's Camp Stove Toaster. 

You can cook you can cook English muffins, bagels, toast and also Eggos Waffles. This device can cook four items at a time. The camp stove toaster comes out of the box folded flat (which makes for easy storage in your backpack on the trail). This toaster is meant to be used over an open fire with a grate or by using a cooktop stove. Coghlan's camp stove toaster will not work on an electric range or a glass top electric stove. It needs radiant heat to brown the toast or bread properly. You could also buy one of these devices to keep around the house in case the power failed. Then you would still be able to make your toast even without any electricity. This device isn’t like your normal toaster at home it doesn’t pop up or anything when it’s done cooking, you have to watch it and turn the bread when each side gets as done as you wanted. Some customers who use this device reported good success in placing a dome of aluminum tinfoil over the top of the unit while it cooks. They suggested that that would shorten the cook time as it would help to hold the heat and also to brown the toast more evenly.



Amazon charges $5.69 for this item new, and they also had used ones for sale at cheaper prices than that. There is very little that can go wrong with this unit as the only moving pieces are the parts that hold the bread and they just snap up or down

 depending on whether you want to use it or store it. This unit should last for years because of its simplicity. This toaster is also very light to carry in your backpack. Other people that use this reported that they used it for hamburger, hot dog buns and for making garlic toast. It is very easy to clean also.

Most people that used Coghlan's Camp Stove Toaster liked it. Out of 234 reviews posted on Amazon’s website, 178 were positive responses. The most common complaint of any of the ones listed was that the unit would rust especially if you didn’t take good care to wash it and dry it off completely when you’re finished with it. Overall I would recommend this device to all scout backpackers and hikers.





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