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By:    On: 2015-01-29

addicted to the outdoorsAccording to the majority of financial experts, the level of consumer spending in the UK is likely to rise considerably throughout 2015. As wages rise and the rate of inflation stabilises, consumers will have more disposable income to spend as they choose on recreational activities. This is great news for the leisure and travel industry, as a growing number of citizens will be inclined to book trips both domestically and abroad. From outdoor camping equipment and clothing to pedometers, brands such as will benefit from increased turnover on an annual basis.

What is a Pedometer and how does it Work?

For travellers who are fitness-conscious, a pedometer may well prove to be one of the best investments you can make with your newly found wealth. This is essentially a portable device that measures an individual’s level of physical activity throughout the course of each day’s activity. They are designed to be used by both children and adults, and also provide information that can help users to manage, refine and implement their fitness regime. In an age of wearable technology, pedometers represent the most primitive form of this popular concept.

They also represent the most simplistic form of wearable technology, as they are often handheld devices that can be worn either on the waist, arm or ankle. They include motion sensors to track functional activity, more specifically steps or repetitions of a specific exercise. Their most common function is to measure the amount of steps that a user takes over the course of a day, whether you are embarking on a relaxed recreational activity or a structured fitness regime. With this in mind, it is important that each user wears the pedometer in the same place on their body as this will guarantee the accuracy of their results. The Last word for Consumers

In terms of practical usage, you need to be careful when using a pedometer as it can occasionally be sensitive to accidental movements. This can undermine the accuracy of your results, and subsequently cause you to continue with a fitness regime that does not deliver the best possible returns. With a greater understanding of pedometers and how they work, you can begin to tailor your search and choose your ideal product. There is a wide range of pedometers on the market, from basic models to those that include more advanced features and can be used to monitor a more diverse selection of activities.

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