Scott Robertson

Fun Things to Make with Your Coffee can!
By: Posted On: 2015-02-10


One of the most important skills any young scout or camper must have is in crafts and art. A scout must be able to make do with whatever little he has at his disposal. And there’s nothing more fun to use a bit of paper, glue, paints, and glitter and the simple coffee cup to make dozens of different everyday things that you can use!

1. Can Vases: Wrap some craft paper or wallpaper around your coffee can and use it a beautiful flower vase.
2. Containers: Wrap it up in some beautiful paper, add glitter or markers and you get a perfect holder for all your junk. And it’s nice to have in the room.
3. Easter Basket: Twist a paper machete to make the handle on the papered can. Add a few floral arrangements, hop into that bunny costume and voila! Your Easter basket is ready!
4. Recycled Pedestal Stand: Stick a plate at the top and you have your pedestal. Make sure the bottom is nice and flat. Add another plate at the bottom, so it doesn’t topple over.
5. Tin Can Jack-o-Lanterns: Carve out a scary face or a funny face. Paint the outside of the can and put a candle inside. You’re ready for Halloween. At least the next one, in case you’ve missed this one.
6. Hanging Luminaries: Take the Jack-o-Lantern concept and extend it further. Make the carvings beautiful and patterned and add a hook to them so you can hang them. You won’t need to shop for lamps for some time.
7. Closet Organizer: Make a trendy closet organizer using the cans as shelves.

Fun Things to Make with Your Coffee can!

8. Hanging Can Storage: Hook them up and store whatever you need in them. Put them in the garage, if you will.
9. Make a bank: Make a bank for the kids or a collection can you want. Use a knife to cut a small slit at the center of the can and then tape decorative paper to the sides. Voila! A piggy bank without the pig!
10. Scrap Holder: You know all that mess you make in the kitchen with all the peeling and the cutting and washing? Line the can with small plastic pouches and use them to hold all your peel and scraps! They even look nice!
11. Dehumidifier: Probably the cheapest dehumidifier you can get for your damp basement. Simply fill up a can with some salt and leave it there. Be sure to replace the salt regularly.
12. Toiler paper Container: Store your toilet paper in a coffee can for your next camping trip!
13. Rain Gauge: Next time it rains, place the cans all over the garden and see how much water they store from the rain. If it’s an average of an inch, then you don’t need to water your garden anymore!
14. Paint Drips: Use the lids of the cans to catch spilled paint, or rather the drips when you repaint the house or paint your furniture.
15. Drum: Turn the coffee cans upside down and use them as native American drums. Gather around the fire for a music session.
16. Carry Your Own Toilet: If you really need to go, in the forest, but can’t find a proper place close by, simply use the can as a disposable toilet.
17. Pencil Holder: Use the can to hold your paintbrushes or pencils and never lose track of them.