Scott Robertson

Fun Things to Make with Toilet Paper Rolls
By: Posted On: 2015-02-03


1. Minions: Which kid wouldn’t love minions? Take a roll and colour it yellow, paint a Minion face and add a few limbs!
2. Snake: Paint a few rolls and let the kids put them together to make a snake. Sure to keep them busy for a few hours.
3. Lorax: Talk about Dr. Seuss and teach your kids about the environment. Build a Lorax!
4. Bird Feeder: Use peanut butter and bird seeds and turn a roll into a bird feeder! Decorate the bottom half with colourful tissue paper.
5. Owls: Use some colour, glitter, large buttons and paint and decorate your room with oh so cute wide eyed, home-made owls!
6. Pillow Boxes: With a couple of folds you can transform the simple toilet roll into a pillow box.
7. Seedlings Container: Grow seedling in toilet rolls and when they are ready to grow, just plant the whole damn thing in together.

Fun Things to Make with Toilet Paper Rolls

8. Party Crowns: The name says it all.
9. Cable Storage: Just roll up all your plugs and cable and whatnot and store them in a roll.
10. Binoculars: Your next jungle themed party has to have this!
11. Doll Chairs
12. Race Cars
13. Music Makers: Just stick a bell or two to your roll.
14. Animal Marionettes: Leaf prints and craft paper.
15. Cardboard Castel
16. Toilet Paper Roll Rocket
17. Rollin’ Race Cars