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By:    On: 2015-01-06

No Utensil Campfire Cooking

While camping and scouting, cooking without utensils is not only an art but is indeed a tradition. Cooking outdoors requires guts and imagination. Fire of course is the main ingredient in this recipe. Winds, temperature, sticks and clay are other driving factors.

Beef, small fish, fried eggs, corn, biscuits can easily be made by various processes like embers, coals, sticks on fire and even on hot rocks! Hot embers can be used to cook mainly sausages, apples, tomatoes, toast, bacon, onion and chops.


Recipe: Fish in Newspaper
Ingredients: fish, newspaper, greaseproof paper, string

The fish is prepared by removing bones and innards, wrapped in greaseproof paper and wrapped and tied in newspaper. The parcel is hen soaked in water and placed over the fire, turning every 5 minutes.

Instant ovens require metal roasting pans and a metal tray. In this method, a trench is hug and a fire is built with hot embers. The metal tray is put on the fire and the food to be cooked is stirred on it.

Rock cooking (cooking by putting food on top of heated rocks) mainly utilizes igneous rocks that do not crack on heating. Shale and limestone should be avoided. It is important to note that rocks may contain moisture that can cause them to burst. Soapstone, granite counters should be used. Bacon and eggs, tortillas can be made on rocks.

Stick cooking is one of the most shown campfire cooking. Pieces of meat or leaves can be put on a racquet broiler. The thicker the piece of item to be cooked, the farther it should be placed from the fire or it will have a burnt outside and raw inside.

Recipe: Campfire Pizza Pies
Ingredients: muffins, sausages, mozzarella, pizza sauce.

The muffins are cut and coated with pizza sauce. Sausages and cheese are sprinkled on it. The ensemble is put in a pie can and heated over hot coals or embers.

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