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Eagle Tip - A Gift for the Ages

By:    Posted On: 2015-02-19

A Gift for the Ages

My father-in-law, Ted Hitch, is an Eagle Scout, and one of my wife’s prized possessions is a black-and-white photo of him in his Scout uniform. Taken in the early 1940s, it’s a window into history, a priceless memento that only exists, I presume, because Ted’s mother stuffed him in his uniform, drove him to a photo studio, and had his portrait made.

A Gift for the Ages

These days, of course, getting a photo of a new Eagle Scout is much easier. Many families have several cameras, including one built into every smartphone in the house. But someone still has to remember to take an “official” portrait.

Unless you want to head to a local studio, which is not a bad idea, consider doing a photo shoot during one of your court of honor planning meetings. Have your honoree bring his uniform along and snap some formal photos in an appropriate setting. (This time of year, it’s easy to use a leafy tree as a backdrop.)

Shooting a portrait at a planning meeting gives you something that you can use on invitations, on printed programs, and during a ceremony slideshow. But more importantly, it creates a priceless memento that the Scout’s future wife, children, and in-laws can treasure generations from now.

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