Scott Robertson

Thanks for the Memories
By: Posted On: 2014-05-27

Last week in the mail, I received a nice surprise: a postcard from three Scouts in Milford, Pa., who’d used my book, The Eagle Court of Honor Book, to plan their court of honor. You can see the front of the card at the right.

That card made me think of all the people an Eagle Scout might want to thank after his court of honor: the emcee, other presenters, the people who planned the reception, friends and family who traveled a long way to attend, people who helped with his Eagle project, etc. Postcards would be a easy and fun way to thank those people.

Websites like VistaPrint ( make producing custom postcards easy. You can upload your own design (or designs, if you want the back printed), choose a predesigned template, or upload a photo and add text on the fly.

VistaPrint’s price for one-sided standard postcards is $24.99. However, if you visit first, you’ll save 50 percent and get free shipping for orders over $50.

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