Scott Robertson

Simple Wood Tools Safety Rules
By: Posted On: 2013-06-29

I would like to thank Jon Melick in Quincy MA for granting us permission to republish this. High 5...

Make sure that your woods tool is sharp and in excellent condition. If it isn’t, fix it. DON’T USE IT ANYWAY.

Make sure that nothing is within your “bubble” except you and the wood which you are cutting.

Good tool control will do much more for you than sheer muscle ever will. You want to cut wood, not the rocks underneath or, worse, yourself.

If you start to feel tired, STOP WORKING, and don’t start again until you don’t feel tired anymore.

Our friends at OutdoorsGeek would like to remind everyone "Any sharp object can be dangerous, even if just a sharpened stick or rock. As the California Conservation Corps would say Safety First, Safety Always!"

What rules do your Scouts follow? What do you think of these rules? Please tell us about it on facebook.