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Washing Dishes
By: Posted On: 2013-07-29

Most people are not aware of how to wash dishes while camping. Scouts definitely are not a dishwasher! So they should be aware of how to wash dishes by hand in camp. It is important to practice proper dish washing techniques in order to maintain healthy scouts. It can be refreshing and enjoyable to wash dishes, shifts eyes around, yeah uhm....

Materials needed for washing your dishes:

  • 3 sets of plastic wash basins, pans, etc
  • Dish soap preferably biodegradable
  • Dish towel
  • Sponge & Scrubber
  • Work surface

Steps in Proper Dish Washing:

  • Pre-Cleaning. Scouts take responsibility for eating every scrap of food possible. Scrape the bits of food off.

    When I was a Scout I was part of my Troops high adventure team. We were taught to save water, reduce food waste, etc to put a bit of water in our sierra cups, swoosh it around, maybe wipe with a finger real quick, and drink it. This may sound a bit disgusting, but hey you just ate it so its not like its going to hurt you.
  • Hot Water Wash. The first dishpan will be filled with hot water and a small amount of biodegradable soap.
  • Hot Water Rinse. The second dishpan will be filled with plain hot water. To remove all the soapy water.
  • Sanitizing Soak. The third dishpan will be filled with water and a cap of bleach. Soak it for a full minute and put it away.

Don't forget to cook over your campfire using a campfire grill. Do you have trouble getting your Scouts to wash their dishes in camp? What do you do? Tell us about it on facebook.


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