The New Adventures of Ptsteve
By: Posted On: 2013-03-14

Hello Everyone,

Well ptsteve is still a Pack Trainer with the Cub Scout Pack his son's were a part of, but have since graduated to the associated Troop and my Special Needs Troop.

Earlier in this Scouting year I was asked to look into starting a Specail Needs Boy Scouts Troop.  I did my homework and found the right leaders for my team and we are now moving ahead with the Troop.  First, we need to find a Charter Organization and I am still looking for it and hopefully will have it soon.

So, as of now I will becoming a Scoutmaster.  Along with my position with the Pack I am also involved with another Troop, a Cub Scout Round Table Comiss, and several other part-time Scouting positions.

I am looking forward to all of this and will be blogging about it through this year.  I hope you are enjoying your Scouting year and thank you for your service.

Yours in Scouting, ptsteve


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