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What is The Best Way to Travel to Philmont?
By: Posted On: 2012-12-14

Now that we have explored all your travel options and the difficult logistics and many pitfalls of this trip, it’s time to explore the best choice…HIRE A REPUTABLE TOUR COMPANY like Blue Sky Adventures!

When you really study this option, this is your best bet.  Our company is safe, licensed, and insured. We create a reliable, error free trip with no headaches for you and great memories for your Crew.  This is much different than the other options we have shown you.  As you have seen, those are just full of headaches and potential errors.  By contrast, we provide quality accommodations, transportation, and meals that are always scout appropriate.

With a tour company like ours, it is easy to set up this trip.  All you do is write one check to cover everything.  While it may seem expensive at first, the most common feedback we get from our customers is that our tours are a great value relative to planning this trip your self.  Plus we feel that we have an option for every realistic budget.  Remember, we can provide everything from a bus ride all the way up to multi night adventure trips.  Whatever you choose, we promise we will get you to Philmont well rested and ready for the trail!

Instead of stressing over travel details, our trips leave the Advisors plenty of time to acclimate and focus on crew development.  This is the most important determinant of success on the trail.  As we always say, it’s not about who has the most expensive equipment…it’s about the crew that works together the best to overcome whatever challenges the trail presents.  When we drop you off at Philmont, instead of feeling frustrated and tired, you and your group will be acclimated and well rested for the trek.  This is critical!

We encourage you to consider all your options and study this carefully.  In the end, we hope you will choose us and agree that no one else can provide the safety, reliability, and fun that Blue Sky Adventures can provide! Over the next few weeks, we will look at the different tour options that we have for you and your crew to consider. Don’t forget to check out for more information too!

Yours in Scouting,

The Blue Sky Adventures Team