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Keeping Up with New Merit Badges - SM Tips
By: Posted On: 2013-02-23

If you read Scouting magazine and follow various blogs, you’ve probably heard about a bunch of new merit badges in the last year or so, including Chess, Welding, Kayaking, Search and Rescue, Programming, and Game Design. While new merit badges can be exciting, it’s easy to get confused about which badges can now be earned and which have only been announced.

To help clear up any confusion, Bryan Wendell at Scouting magazine recently added a calendar of new merit badges to his excellent blog, Bryan on Scouting. You can find it at

As you’ll see on the calendar, four of the badges I listed above are now ready to be earned. The other two are on still on the drawing board, as are two other badges that are still in the planning stage. Check the blog to find out which ones are which!


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