Scott Robertson

For Crying Out Loud, Part 3 - Eagle Tip
By: Posted On: 2013-02-09

 My last two tips have discussed ways to keep crying kids from becoming a distraction during courts of honor. Here’s one more approach: offer childcare. Recruit a few volunteers to baby-sit and include a note like this in your invitations: “Nursery services are available, so please support our wonderful volunteers who are ready to assist you and your young children.”

Where could your volunteers come from? Check first with your Scouts’ sisters. You may well find a few girls who baby-sit already, who’ve completed American Red Cross Babysitter Training, and would be “like totally bored” sitting through a Scout ceremony. Another option would be members of the Venturing crew or youth group at your chartered organization. If you’re holding the court of honor at a religious institution, check with the folks who run the nursery for other ideas.

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