Scott Robertson

By: Posted On: 2012-05-07

I have decided to offer tutoring service and thought I would take a moment to let you know about it...


I can help, by being patient, using my wacky sense of humor to make it fun, and using creative analogies to help explain things. I also have an extensive background in tutoring, including:

  • Over 5 years experience tutoring
  • 15+ years experience computers and web development
  • 2 AA degrees in computer science
  • 10+ years self employed / running own business
  • Over 30 years experience in the outdoors
  • 4 years of teaching outdoor skills at summer camp

Some of the subjects I can assist you with include:

  • basic math (through long division and some business math, etc)
  • using your computer (windows or linux)
  • using your Microsoft office, openoffice, etc
  • using your android device
  • using the internet
  • many business related subjects (I have ran a number of companies including CEO of a company that got quarter of a million in investments)
  • blogging
  • basic to advanced PHP / MySQL web development
  • intro to web development HTML, CSS, Javascript and Jquery
  • setting up and maintaining linux servers
  • almost anything to do with camping and hiking including camp gear and camp cooking

I primarily do tutoring virtually, via chat or phone and if needed a screen sharing app (nothing to install) so I can help you on your own computer. My prices vary depending on exactly what help you need, however my average price is $15 an hour.