Scott Robertson

Chatter From Pinewood Derby
By: Posted On: 2012-05-29

This post was written by Gary Holewinski


We had our district Pinewood Derby a few weeks ago. Overall it went very well. Two conversations really stick with me.

1.  I was talking with a committee member from a troop in our district.  They have been working towards getting their troop to be more boy led (and it's working).  He said the only time they have issues is when the adults get too involved.  Things like not being able to provide 2 adults for events planned well in advance, discouraging the Scouts from anything different, etc. the Scouts seem to do just fine.

2.  My son (16) was sick (spent the day in bed) and could be at the derby.  When I got home he asked how the derby went.  I told him the numbers were down a little from previous years.  He asked: "Did the boys have fun?"   I told him they did.  He said it's all about the kids.