How do the Committee Chair and Cubmaster best work together?
By: Posted On: 2012-05-24

Hello All,

Well as you might know or not know I have also taken on the job of Committee Chair for my Pack, along with being a Webelos Den Leader and Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner.  No can't take on any more primary positions.

Have a new Cubmaster who is doing a great job and before we took over from the old management team we talked about what I took care of and what he took care of so we both agreed on what we did.  The best way I described who I dealt with was the "cranky adults" and most of the business operations of the Pack.  He understands he deals with the Cub Scouts and Den Leaders, I told him I didn't want to mess with what he did and I was there as a resource to him.  If we had issues with adults, I had to take the lead.

So far, we are rocking and everyone is having fun.  I will update you all later as things develop.

YIS, ptsteve