Scott Robertson

Boy Scouts on a Long Hike
By: Posted On: 2012-05-19

 In the fourth book of this twelve part series, written by Maj. Archibald Lee Fletcher, brings back as protagonists the boys of the Beaver Patrol of Beverly, Indiana, a small Midwestern town. In this adventure, the scouts have entered a contest, sponsored by a local attorney. The challenge is to hike “a distance of just an even hundred miles, between sunrise of four days.” By now, readers familiar with the exploits of the Beaver Patrol can surmise that the hike alone would pose no problem – but the adventures the boys meet along the trail might prove too much. The boys, who live shortly after the turn of the twentieth century, have formed their own fledgling Boy Scout – the first in their town.

Their arch-enemies, the gang of tough boys from the ‘wrong side of the tracks’, also are out to distract the patrol, as well as a jealous milk cow, and a burglar or two.

In this title, look for some of Fletcher’s most eloquent prose, “But no matter what each scout many have secretly thought when he sat down to a white tablecloth, with silver, and china, and polished glass around him, he stoutly avowed that nothing could equal the delight of a camp-fire, tin cups and platters, and simple camp fare, flanked by an appetite that was keener than anything ever known at home”


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