Scott Robertson

Places I run into Scouts
By: Posted On: 2012-02-09

 It never ceases to amaze me the places I will run into current and past adult scouts/leaders. For example, I am writing this post while with a friend at a poetry meet up and one of ladies here is a scouter who just completed her wood badge, is still working on her ticket and serves as leader with a unit in the same district I am in.

Some of you know may know I make a living by doing freelance web development work; when I apply for new jobs it surprises me how often I find out my new potential client was a scout or leader. It comes up because being an Eagle scout is on my resume. There have been other times, in traditional office settings, that I learned my bosses/co-workers were scouts. In one place I worked both my boss and his second-in-command were Sea scouts and the company owner’s sons were Cub scouts.

Have you ever looked at the lists of famous scouts? People like Bill Gates, Steve Spielberg, John Wayne, Hilton, Dryers, various Presidents, CEO's, athletes, over half of the American astronauts, and so the list goes on. For a complete list check out Looking at that list, realizing where these great people got started and thinking about how scouting helped their lives - it’s just breathtaking.