Jennifer Fletcher

The World's Best Congratulatory Letters
By: Posted On: 2011-11-03

Many Scouters have compiled exhaustive lists of celebrities, dignitaries, and other famous folks who will send new Eagle Scouts a congratulatory letter. You can find links to several of these lists on my Web site, at

The best list in the world is not online, however. Instead, it’s probably in Mom’s address book.

You see, letters from the President and other celebrities are fine – and you should certainly solicit them – but you shouldn’t leave out those people who are celebrities only in the eyes of your new Eagle. Imagine how wonderful it would be for him to receive a congratulatory letter from a faraway grandparent who can’t attend the court of honor – or a father who can attend but has never quite verbalized how proud he is of his son. Imagine the impact of a letter from his pastor or Wolf den leader or best friend.

Imagine those letters and then make them happen. They are the letters that will mean the most to him now and for years to come.


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