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Girl Scouting Web Resource: Scout Mom
By: Posted On: 2011-09-26

 While searching for information relating to GS troop organization I came across the neatest website: Scout Mom.  This site is an amazing source of information for both new and experienced leaders alike.  Jennifer Wood, the mastermind behind Scout Mom, explains her reasons for starting the site back in October of 2002: “I have designed this site to help leaders of girls involved in scouting to provide an awesome experience for their troops.  Scout Mom started…as a site for leaders of (our) service unit.  Since then, it has managed to grow into a site with hundreds of pages and ideas for leaders around the world and (is) now expanded to include educational resources.”  (Please note: her site is not an official GSUSA website.  It is not sponsored, approved or endorsed by any organization.)  

Jennifer’s site really is a one-stop-shop for all things Girl Scouts.  From age-appropriate activities to camping tips, to ceremonies and (WAY) more, Scout Mom has a place on my laptop’s “favorites” bar; I spend a lot of time there just looking around and gathering information.  There are printable forms, songs, certificates….even a “how-to” for setting up things like troop notebooks and cookie booth sales.

Whether you are a parent, a volunteer or a leader looking for inspiration and a little extra help, you really should check this site out!  Every time I go back to it I find some cool new part I previously missed.

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