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Fuzzy and Scout July 2011
By: Posted On: 2011-07-27

 Hi all,


It is your favourite cubs here, we hope you all have a grrrrrreat summer vacation :-) We know we have, although it is very hot here, even Scout is not wearing his fleece as we had not even got much rain for more than 2 months. As everyone knows this causes a lot of problems. We hope everyone will have loads of plans for the summer and of course loads of camping.
When we go camping we tend to go to our favourite cabin by the lake, we can do lots of playing there and swimming and fishing, boy you should have seen the fish we caught (and ate) there. But we are always careful not to leave any trash when we leave.

If you leave trash in the woods it can cause harm to animals and plants and the woods could die. Also be VERY careful with your campfires, they are great fun but make sure the fire is out properly before you leave it else it might cause a forest fire!


When we go to the cabin at the lake Fuzzy tends to do some cooking, but he can go a bit overboard and cook WAAAAAAY to much, so we tend to invite our friends as we don’t like to waste any food. It might be a good idea for you too, just organise a barbecue for all your friends and have a party.

Even more fun is it to ask all your friends to bring a dish too, so you can all share.


Anyways, we think it is time to go and have some fun outside again instead of sitting in front of this screen. Have a good camp and a great vacation all of you, in our next corner we will tell you about what we did at the cabin :-)


Your cuddly Friends,


Fuzzy and Scout



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