Scott Robertson

Eagle Tips - It's in the Cards
By: Posted On: 2011-04-26

The Scoutmaster’s key role in many Eagle Scout courts of honor is the presentation phase, when the honoree receives his Eagle badge, his mother receives her mother’s pin, etc. The master of ceremonies and other presenters get to stand behind a lectern and read from scripts, but the Scoutmaster is left standing in the middle of the stage with the honoree and his parents.

For many people, not having the protection of a lectern can be uncomfortable—and it certainly looks awkward to be standing on stage flipping through the pages of a script. If you don’t trust your memory, a great way to avoid embarrassment is to print your part of the script—in large print—on a series of index cards. Each card’s content should stand alone, and you should number the cards in case they get mixed up. Even if you’re not good at memorization, study the cards ahead of time so that you only have to use them as cues.


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