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By:    On: 2011-01-08

A few months ago, all of you banded together and really helped me through a tough time by buying the $15 virtual resource package. There were about 50 of you who bought that package which really helped me out. I wanted you to know I really appreciate your help. Furthermore, because of your help I have been able to get back up on my feet. For this I am forever in your debt and left wholeheartedly thankful and humbled. 

You may find this hard to believe but I actually hate asking for help. Yet, I need a bit of a push start to fully launch Scouting A Nation and my life on the road. Most of the funds will come from sponsors, odd jobs I do and a bit from you. In interest of full disclosure and honesty, here is the monthly and start-up budgets in a nutshell: 

The monthly budget is $2,500 and includes:
  • hosting / server costs
  • domain name costs
  • business costs
  • communication costs
  • travel costs
  • small wage for me (we all have bills and have to eat)
  The start-up budget is $7,000 and includes:
  • business start up costs
  • a small trailer
  • porti-potty
  • camp shower
  • portable 12 volt refrigerator
  • portable power (solar or generator) and deep cycle batteries

Did you know each newsletter I send out takes 4 hours to prepare?
Did you know it takes 8 hours a month to add new content and resources to the site?
Did you know it takes 10 hours a month to maintain the site?
Did you know it takes 18 hours a month to write all the blog posts?
Now think about the time I spend marketing the site, searching out new resources and contacting potential sponsors...

Did you know there is over 5,200 pages of content and over 250 blog posts on InsaneScouter?

The push you give us will make the following possible. 

  1. The site and all the content will be free for everyone – no special paid packages.

  2. I will offer some 20 classes to Scouts and Leaders, in person as I travel, for free. (Unit / Event may need to supply some items for certain classes)

  3. Priorities that will be focused on

    1. removing all BSA copyrighted materials
    2. create an easy way for you to make suggestions and requests for new features
    3. improving Scout Stanley to make it easier to use
    4. creation of a mobile version of the site for cell phones
    5. creation of a mobile android app
    6. completion of the content widget which will allow webmasters to share our content for free
    7. revamp the clip art collection
    8. adding more content and resources
    9. getting guest bloggers for variety
    10. blogging about my adventures, the people I meet and the things that I do from the road
  4. I will wait at least a year before asking for your help again. Think of this as pledge month at your local PBS tv station. However, to keep things fair I will add a request in the email people get when they first sign-up.

Think about it? Can you afford $5, $15 or even $25? Don't give me that look, $25 is less than a tank of gas. What? Do you need five coffees that badly? How much time has InsaneScouter saved you in planning out meetings? What have you learned? Have you discovered any new ideas?

If you have a paypal account, just enter the amount below. If you rather pay another way please email sales (at) to arrange another method. 

Thanks for your continued support


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