Scott Robertson

Fuzzy and Scout Sept 2010
By: Posted On: 2010-09-29

  Hi all,


Fuzzy and Scout here. How have you been the past month? It seems already sooooo long ago that we had our summer holidays, and our summer camp :( In fact it summer seems a long time ago already, as it is turning colder already.


But with the colder weather and it turning dark early in the night now it brings new challenges too, like night games with our torches and nature looks a lot different now, if you actually take the time and look at it. Of course Scout now has gone to wearing warm clothing again.

Oh did you know Scout had his 10th bearday last week (it is like a birthday, but for bears) and we had a very nice party, with nice food (salmon of course) and a nice cake for him to enjoy. He also got loads of presents.


We will try and go to camp out at a nice like during the weekend if we can, before it gets to cold to camp out, we suggest you do the same. and when camping out this time of year maybe compare your surroundings to the summer when you were camping then. I know we always like doing that. If you are looking for nice places to camp, make sure you check out This site is made by our friends at insanescouter and currently lists more than 1000 places where you can go.


Well we would love to stay and chat to you but Baloo has our lunch ready and we can’t miss that, can we?


Have a great time and stay safe.


Your cuddly Friends,
Fuzzy and Scout