How toastmasters helps me as a Scout Leader
By: Posted On: 2010-08-14

Hello again from ptsteve or aka Pack Trainer Steve,

What is Toastmasters?  It is Toastmasters International and I have been a member of this organization for more than 25 years.  Has it made me a better Adult Leader, YES!!!  How, now that is the secret sauce and you need to read on.

First, Active Listening, you never know when you will hear that important moment from your Cubs or Parents.  Always listen while talking.  You are in charge and if your families feel you are listening to them they are on your side.

Second, the UNEXPECTED, what happens when something happens and you were not expecting it.  Toastmasters International teaches you both Communication and Leadership skills which you can bring to your Scouting experience.  You always need to be on the look out for the unexpected and yes you can learn how to deal with the unexpected in a positive way through Toastmasters.

My advice, find a Toastmasters club in your area and become a member.  It will help you professionally and make you a better Adult Leader.

Yours, Pack Trainer Steve and DTM Steve