Things to consider when taking cubs camping
By: Posted On: 2010-08-07

First and most important!!  Make sure to make sure either it is either a Pack camping event or Family camping event.

If it is a Pack camping event, then there is paper work and rules that have to be followed so BSA insurance covers the event.  Yes, you can still have fun camping, just need to follow the rules and make sure you have the appropriate number of trained adult leaders.  The training needed to go camping is covered in BALOO training for Cubs and OWLS for Webelos, depending what is offered in your you district.

What does my Pack do?  In the Fall we do Pack Camping, camp at an approved camp site, have the appropriate number of trained leaders and have MIND BLOWING FUN.  In the Spring, we do Family Camping at a National Park and still follow BSA rules and still have MIND BLOWING FUN.

Just need to know what you are getting into and it helps if you can get one of the parents who is not an adult leader to be in charge of setting up camping activities for the Pack.

Well, I hope this helps and know if you need more advice or help, just email us.

Yours In Scouting, ptsteve