How Toastmasters International helps me as a Scout Leader
By: Posted On: 2010-07-17

I have found my 25 years plus experience in Toastmasters International has helped me in many ways.

First, if the adults are losing their minds they have successfully lost their sense of humor and are messing up the program for the boys.  There are parts of Scouting we have to take very seriously, outside of that if the boys are learning as they advance and having fun go with it.  I have only had to tell a few Toastmasters to relax and and don't lose their minds (aka sense of humor), if they can't it maybe time to do something else.

Second, a closed mouth does not gather feet (I have versions of this from Toastmasters and Scouters).  What maybe of interest to us adults could be of no interest to the boys.  We need to make sure as we follow what is laid out in the handbooks that we make sure it engages the attention of our Cubs.

Third, and most important, practice ACTIVE LISTENING, listen to the parents for feedback, listen to other Scouters for advice and most importantly listen to your Scouts to make sure they are having fun and want to stay in the program.

Well, I hope this helps and if you have any questions just send an email to the webmaster and they will get it to me.

YIS, ptsteve