Scott Robertson

25 Uses For A Black Trash Bag
By: Posted On: 2010-07-06

 These are ideas, mostly found around the web. If you have ideas to add to this list, please leave them as comments below.

  1. poncho

  2. Trash Bag

  3. tarp

  4. Shelter (tube tent, lkean to, or even like a tarp folded over a rope to make upside down “v”)

  5. Stuff Sack

  6. Keep sleeping bag dry (stuff sleeping bag inside of trash bag)

  7. Make a clean or protective suite

  8. Table Cloth (cut flat and lay on table)

  9. Washing Machine (put some cloth in bag, with some water and soap. Sit in sun to warm up. Shake up and work contents. Drain, rinse …)

  10. Keep firewood dry

  11. Keep hanging cloths clean (poke top of hanger through bag, and leave rest of bag covering contents … hang from tent, tree, etc)

  12. Pack cover

  13. Cut in to strips and twist into rope

  14. Protect a cast or wound

  15. Fill with leaves, pine needles, grass, etc to create a blanket or fill fuler of the soft stuff to make a mattress

  16. Water still

  17. Store water or snow

  18. Bear Bag

  19. Emergency patch (cut out size you need and duct tape to hole)

  20. Laundry Hamper

  21. Cut up or fold into ground to air signals

  22. Attach to a pole to create a flag

  23. Toy / Gear organizer

  24. Wrapping Paper

  25. Cut up into strips and weave into a useful gadget