Scott Robertson

Open Road Pet Peeves
By: Posted On: 2010-04-11

I have driven a fair amount of milage on the open road and have a few pet peeves. The biggest pet peeve I have occurs when its a two lane each way road in middle of no where. To often I see a driver get into the left lane and just stay there not going faster then the right lane, or only slightly faster. The problem with this is makes it hard for others to get around semi trucks, rvs, etc. I have always been taught to drive in the right lane and then move to the left as needed, but not drive in that lane. However, with that said it is also nuts to weave back and forth, so if you see several slower vehicles ahead of you staying in the left lane to get past them all is fine, but then move back over. Also if you see something slower ahead but will take you a few minuets to catch up with it you should move back to the right lane until you catch up then move back to the right to pass it.

I also find driving this way helps keep me more alert and less likely to zone off on long trips. Overall this is a pet peeve of mine mostly because I see it as a courtesy of the road. I find those who just sit in the right lane plane rude and uncaring about the other drivers.

I realize many of you may not agree with me. I also do not know where all state laws sit on this topic, however I did get pulled over once in Arizona and the cop confirmed that you don't just drive down the left lane for no reason, that you should move back to the right lane. Anyway I am looking forward to your thoughts on this issue.