Scott Robertson

Backcountry Trash / Vandalism
By: Posted On: 2010-04-11

I have been on a number of day trips in the last two months and one thing I saw, as you see in the photos I have included with this post, as how people trash and vandalize these wonderful places. This is more of a rant and pet peeve of mine. I really do not have any solutions. I believe education would help to some degree but there will still be many who do not care and will trash these places anyway.

I am proud to say I am a Scouter and that I respect these places and do my best to take care of them when I am there. However that has not been the case lately – I have been bad. On my last two trips I did not even bother to stop and pick up some simple garbage like cans and bottles. This make me wonder how many of us just don't bother when we are not with the Scouts, maybe we are with friends or family and just don't take five minutes to pick up some trash. It doesn't matter that we don't make a dent in the mess, at least we made some small difference. If we all made that small difference wouldn't this world be a better place?