Scott Robertson

Hapy New Years
By: Posted On: 2010-01-01

Happy New Years !!!

I hope everyone will have a great year. That 2010 will only bring joy and happiness to all. In the spirit of things I decided to share my resolutions for the new year, I guess you call them goals too... Feel free to post your own resolutions as comments below.

In 2010

  1. I will work with the IRS to sort out my exact problems

  2. I will start paying off what I owe the IRS

  3. I will work with the bank to solve my credit card debt

  4. I will start paying my parents back the funds I owe them

  5. I will move out of my parents house and start my life over

  6. I will take routine actions to make Scouting A Nation happen

  7. I will take routine action to move InsaneScouter and KampSpace forward

  8. I will walk more and do things to improve my health

  9. I will listen to at least one educational audio book a week

  10. When I mess up I will say “big deal”, admit it, fix it and move on