Scott Robertson

Kamp Kitchen – Tables
By: Posted On: 2009-10-03

When in camp, what kind of tables do you use? I bet this is a silly question for many of you, as you go to established camp sites and use the existing panic tables. What do you do if you camp in a place with no tables, or not enough tables?

What I like to use are six-foot bi-fold folding tables. The tables I use came from a local store for $45 each. The packaging claims the table can hold up to 600 pounds in weight. The tables lock to prevent accidental folding, and when folded has a convenient carrying handle. The tables are a bit heavy and awkward to carry, even when folded.

There are many other kinds of table that work great in camp as well. For example: standard wooden folding table, sheet of wood over two object, fancy folding panic tables with built in bench, etc. You could also make your own out of lashing poles, have it built into a chuck box, or even have a cool box like those made by Blue Sky Kitchen.

Please tell me about the surfaces you like to use for you camp kitchen, by posting comments below. 

kamp table 1   kamp table 2