Scouting New Years Resolution
By: Posted On: 2009-01-04

This is my Scouting New Years resolutions

Well here it is January 4th.

How many of you have made New Years Resolutions?

If your like most people you've made one to lose some weight, or to be more organized, or to go to school and work on that degree or????

But How many of you have made Scouting New Years Resolutions?

I thought I'd share with you mine for this year.......

First I promise to do my best to help the boys in my Pack Learn and Grow in Scouting.


I promise to put Fun back into Scouting. To keep my announcements to a minimum and my fun to a maximum. To plan things a 9 year Old Boy would like not Plan like a 40 year old man


I promise to put the Outing Back in Scouting. To get my boys out of the Basements and meeting halls and out into the community where people can see and appreciate them.


I promise to give my Boys at least one overnight Camping Experience this Year. Because lets face facts they joined Scouts to go Camping


I promise to go to Training, to attend Round Tables, and to attend a Pow Wow this year so I can learn more about what Scouting is all about.


I promise to display Enthusiasm in whatever I do because if I do the boys will too


And I promise to live by the Scout Law because it is in doing so that we lead by example and turn boys into men


How Many of you will join me in these this Year??


Joe Parajecki

Cubmaster Pack 324, Waterford WI



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