Mike Walton (blackeagle)

An Appeal from one Eagle Scout
By: Posted On: 2021-01-11


Image from Walton family archives

This is a message to my fellow Eagle Scouts -- even those of you not a part of the Transatlantic Council, BSA.
Challenging times demand a challenging appeal...
A Special Message to our Eagle Scouts.
As an Eagle Scout, you know the impact of Scouting in your life. You have strong values based on the Scout Oath and Law.
You do your best. You are prepared. You help other people at all times.
Having earned your Eagle Scout rank in the Transatlantic Council (TAC) or having been affiliated with TAC as an Eagle Scout, you know how special overseas Scouting can be.
Adventures in hiking and camping in way cool venues. Learning a new language. Discovering other cultures full of history. Making new friends.
Amazing adventures, challenging hikes, cultural experiences, travel opportunities, shared meals, awesome memories, and so much more.
And the outcomes of citizenship, fitness, leadership, and character prevail forever.
You should know that TAC Scouting programs continue to be strong today. Listen to the voices of our adult and youth leaders.
Even with the challenges of the coronavirus, TAC continues to remain a beacon of hope with outstanding character and leadership programs.
In the summer of 2020, with our camps in Switzerland and Croatia needing to be canceled, we delivered a SpecTACular Summer Palooza, a virtual Scouting experience for over 500 Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA members from TAC and 50 other councils in 24 US states and Puerto Rico. It was amazing!
And that is where you can help. Consider providing us the financial help that we need to deliver programs like these in the next year and beyond. Here's how:
++ Support ONE Scout with a gift of $240. That's how much it costs for ONE SCOUT to enjoy the Scouting experience. We would be delighted to thank you with a custom branded TAC neckerchief and a Friends of Scouting (FOS) patch.
++ Support FOUR Scouts with a Leadership gift at $960 and an amazing TAC branded travel mug and a FOS patch will be on its way to your home.
++ Or support 10 Scouts as a Visionary donor at $2,400 and we can send you two special U.S. Flags which has flown over the historic Normandy Beach in France and a FOS patch for your generosity.
Here is the link to give:
Here is more info about Friends of Scouting (FOS) and how it applies in Europe, Africa, and Central and Western Asia. https://tac-bsa.org/Donate
You can make a difference. Now. Consider donating now and not delaying until a later time in the year, please!!
It is a great time to be a Scout in Transatlantic Council. So many unparalleled opportunities to practice leadership and develop character. Discover patriotic citizenship and foster personal fitness.
Could you make your Friends of Scouting commitment now? TAC is looking to ensure that no interruption of programming occurs-especially as current coronavirus quarantines and social distancing restrictions remain.
Your gift now provides the skills to spark success for youth while they have fun and discover new adventures.
Whether it is developing STEM skills, learning the value of hard work, or following a positive role model, TAC Scouting provides the foundation for youth to turn their dreams into realities.
No matter where life takes them, TAC Scouts have the confidence to make their mark on the world -- today. And for life.
Your generosity makes it possible for the vision of unparalleled Scouting to come to life. Now more than ever, your help will make the difference.
The funds raised through this appeal creates opportunities for learning and growth. Youth overseas will strengthen their self-confidence, develop strong ethics, show respect for others, deepen academic skills, and magnify their leadership.
Your support is more than a gift. It is an investment in their future. And our future.
Thank you for your timely response.
Joshua Dick, NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout, Visionary Friend of Scouting
Jeffrey Cox, Eagle Scout, Visionary Friend of Scouting
Bob Schloesser, Distinguished Eagle Scout, Visionary Friend of Scouting
Rear Admiral Matt Zirkle, USN (Ret.), NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout, Leadership Friend of Scouting
Mike Walton, NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout, Visionary Friend of Scouting
Dan Coberly, Distinguished Eagle Scout, Leadership Friend of Scouting
Keel Ross, NESA Outstanding Eagle Scout, Visionary Friend of Scouting