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Ingredients: 1/2 cup sugar 2 egg whites Pinch of salt 1 /4 cup melted margarine 1/4 cup all purpose flour 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract Prepare 15 “fortunes” on 2 1/2 x 1/2 inch slips of paper. Preheat oven to 350 ... [more]

Materials needed: masking tape or rope, measuring tape Play: Players line up along one side of the gym. Two parallel lines of masking tape are made down the center of the gym about three to four feet apart. The catcher ... [more]

1 can frozen orange juice concentrate 1 pint pineapple juice 3 ripe bananas or other fruitAdd ingredients together in a pitcher. Then freeze until the mixture is slushy. Spoon 2- 3 tablespoons or more into a party glass and add ginger ale. ... [more]

Ingredients: Corn on the Cobb in its husk Melted Butter Salt and Pepper Preheat Barbeque Pull back husk of the corn and remove all the silk possible. Pour melted butter on the corn and replace the husks. Place on Barbeque ... [more]

Divide the group into teams of 5-6 people. Give each team thin typing paper and crayons and have them make rubbings of all the leaves they can find in the immediate area. Award prizes for the most leaves found, the ... [more]

Materials needed: bingo set, bingo cards, markers Play: M A G I C 58 5 6 42 49 4 1 0 2 3 19 71 72 26 FREE 2 4 29 68 55 31 62 43 3 5 0 36 ... [more]

Everyone in the room stands up. The game leader starts the race by saying on your mark, get-set, go. All players then begin to move around the room. As players approach each other a single game of rock, paper and ... [more]

Danish Cookies Ingredients: 1/2 cup shortening 1/2 cup molasses 3 1/2 cups flour 1/2 teaspoon ground cloves 3/4 cup brown sugar 3 drops anise oil 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 egg 1 Tablespoon hot water 1/2 teaspoon ... [more]

Mexican Christmas festivities have the longest duration in the world. They start on December 12th and end on January 6th with the arrival of the Three Wise Men to give their gifts. There are over 30 traditions only found within ... [more]

Bagels, sliced cream cheese, softened Assorted toppings, such as baby carrots, cherry tomato halves, sliced bell peppers, poppy seeds, cucumbers, minced chives, and crunchy Chinese noodles Spread the cream cheese on the cut bagels. Set out bowls of vegetables and ... [more]

This one is regular tag except the boys have to run with one hand in a back pocket (or if it seems too easy and can be done safely, two hands!). ... [more]

Provide a list of items a boy might have in his pocket to each participant. Try to find someone with that in their pocket. Examples: marble, coin, paper clip, trading card, ball, gum, candy, pencil, etc. ... [more]

When I was a seeker, I sought both night and day. I asked the Lord to help me And He shows me the way Chorus: Go, tell it on the mountain, Over the hills and ev'ry where. Go, tell it ... [more]

Father Abraham had seven daughters, Seven daughters had Father Abraham. And they could not walk And they could not talk And they could not even sing. Notta one... shake right hand. Notta two... shake both hands. Notta three... shake both ... [more]

Go well and safely, Go well and safely, Go well and safely, The Lord be ever with you. (Stay, keep, camp, work, sleep, wake.......) ... [more]

On the first day of camping, the Leader sent to me A boy who had skinned his knee On the second day of camping, the Leader sent to me Two banged heads, and a boy who had skinned his knee ... [more]

You take a land with hills and whispering pines, Rocky coasts and folks who are mighty, mighty fine Blend them in with boys of Scouting's Aim, And we'll follow on to greater fame. Firestone, land of golden dreams Hiking trails ... [more]

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Pre-washed cotton T-shirt with a pocket Acrylic paint Paintbrushes Cardboard cut to fit in-between front and back of the shirt Cardboard cut to fit inside the pocket Paper Towels to wipe brushes on Paper Plates to ... [more]

Pizza Hut a Pizza Hut Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut Pizza Hut a Pizza Hut Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut McDonald McDonalds Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut A Burger King a Burger King Long ... [more]

Fire's burning, fire's burning Draw nearer, draw nearer In the gloming, in the gloming Come sing and be merry Here is what I think is the original song, "Campfire's Burning", which is often sung in the UK! Camp fire's burning, ... [more]

Version One: This song is sung when, for example, during a meal at camp a group of kids gets together and shouts "Bananas!" The councilors all stand up and yell... Did Somebody say bananas? Bananas of the world unite! Peel ... [more]

Characters: Senior Scout (like a Den chief, Denner, etc.) Junior “Cub” Scouts. Setting: All Scouts are on stage as the skit starts. Cub 1: When I grow up I’m going to be the world’s greatest broad jumper and jump like ... [more]

Materials Needed: Foam cup, bell on a string, or bell and string to attach the bell to, stickers. Turn the cup upside down. Cut a small hole in the top (bottom normally) of the cup. Thread the string attached to ... [more]

Materials Needed: See-through ornaments, metallic wrapping paper, puff paints, scissors. Cut the metallic wrap into thin strips. Take off the top of the ornament and place the strips inside. Replace the cap. Decorate the outside with puff paints or glitter. ... [more]

Give each boy a chocolate chip cookie and a toothpick. Tell them they need to get the chocolate chips out without breaking them. ... [more]
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It was a great pleasure to interview 13-year-old singer Cormac Thompson. He is an amazing young singer. I decided to reach out and see if he might be interested in doing an interview. His dad replied, happy for the ... [More]

Julian Bond, one of this nation's civil rights pioneers, was not in Scouting; his mentor and fellow civil rights leader, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (as well as Dr. King's father) were active in Scouting; so were many of ... [More]

I am so excited about the Holidays! Christmas is my favorite holiday. This year’s Christmas will be much different than the years before. We got used to Christmas caroling, but kids are not allowed to go out due to ... [More]

Christmas is known for the time of giving. Giving may be using your money, effort, and time. As a scout, community service is one of the ways we help. We can help by giving service ... [More]

Holidays are fast approaching. Days are getting busier in the time of Christmas. I want to receive gifts that I can use every day and when I travel. I appreciate affordable gifts, but very useful. ... [More]

DIY POPSICLE SNOWFLAKES Snowflakes symbolize the Christmas season. The most common Christmas tradition around the world is to set up and decorate Christmas trees, but Christmas decors can be a bit pricey. It was my dream as a kid ... [More]

We all know that holidays are quickly approaching. Since we are still in the middle of the pandemic, kids have limited space outside. There are numerous activities that kids and adults can enjoy indoors or ... [More]

In spite of the fun and laughter, 13-year-old Frank Wilson was not happy. It was true he had received all the presents he wanted. And he enjoyed the traditional Christmas Eve reunions with relatives for the purpose of exchanging gifts ... [More]

Knot boxes are an essential tool in the Scout Movement, especially when we talk about pioneering. I remember it as one of the activities that I found most enjoyable back when I was still a young scout. After all, more ... [More]

My Medic First Aid Kit (MyFAK) Review When it comes to being prepared, having a well-stocked first aid kit is essential for new and old scouts alike. After all, anything can happen when you’re out reconnecting with nature. Recently, I ... [More]

First aid kits are vital, but they are especially important for scouts. After all, being prepared is our line of business.Despite that, pre-made first aid kits can be expensive. Since Boy Scouts and younger kids may not afford them, they ... [More]

Are you curious about the essentials you need to include in your first aid kit?Here are nine items I always carry in my first aid kit: 1) Knife or multi-toolHaving a reliable knife or multi-tool can come in handy in ... [More]

What is first aid makeup? If you want to teach kids how to provide first aid without panicking, first aid makeup is an excellent way of replicating injuries.Also known as moulage, first aid makeup is the art of making a ... [More]

Your scouts, especially the younger ones, will sometimes get hurt no matter what you do. Because of this, you need to be prepared to handle any situation.One way to do that is by completing basic first aid and CPR certifications. ... [More]

Who knew I’d be able to try out backpacking meals from RightOnTrek for free?It started when I saw Cub Scout Eric’s YouTube videos, where he tried the Cream of Wheat Porridge and Chicken Alfredo Pasta from RightOnTrek. Out of curiosity, ... [More]

Are you taking your older kids backpacking for the first time? Here are six factors you need to consider: 1. What are your plans?When planning your scout’s first backpacking trip, you need to consider several questions. What are your goals? ... [More]

I’ve been asked, at least once or twice, about what sort of gear you need to have if you are a new scout. So, in this post, I’m going to talk about the essential backpacking gear for new scouts and ... [More]

Image from Tabitha Kaboni's Pack Meeting used by permission Chaos. Absolutely. Nothing seems to be organized. Kids in full or half uniforms, running around, chasing each other at times, and at other moments are trying to get to parts of ... [More]

Eagle Scout Badge (Walton family archives)Today’s “Bryan on Scouting” blog entry was all about the Eagle Scout Award — the senior editor of SCOUTING Magazine, Bryan Wendell, wrote in part: “That’s why you never say “I was an Eagle ... [More]

Walton Family ArchivesSettummanque, the blackeagle writes: Yes, we *did* have the Twisted Sister band to "accompany" us during the trip and when things got really tough (a rainstorm on the third and fourth days almost forced us home...but to the ... [More]