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When Juliette Gordon Low established Girl Scouting in 1912, the tradition of candlelight ceremonies was an important part of the various activities. Through the early years, she passed the light and spirit of Girl Scouting on to others through investitures and campfires. They, in turn, continued to pass the light and the spirit. Over the years, the light and spirit of Girl Scouting has taken many different paths. The following is a brief history of one such path.

One of the first leaders-in-training was Ethel Cooper, and she like so many others, received the light from Juliette Low. Ethel went on to establish a troop in 1917 in Plymouth, Pennsylvania. Through her years of Girl Scout involvement, she too, passed the light on to her girls with the hope that they would continue to pass the light and keep the spirit of Girl Scouting alive.

Over the years, the light from Ethel's candle was passed to many others throughout our great meetings, campouts, and at investiture and rededication ceremonies---just like this one.

And on {date}, {ceremony-leader's-name} passed the light on to the members of Troop--....

May we always remember the spirit in which Juliette began this organization to spread to all girls the confidence, determination, courage, and knowledge that they can do anything. May we develop that same spirit within ourselves and the girls we lead.

In the spirit of Girl Scouting, let your lights shine!


Use 10 white candles, each tied with specified color ribbon as noted. Each girl reads her line then lights the candle.

I will do my best to be: <all the girls say together>

  • Honest and fair <girl #1>
    The purple ribbon on this candle represents a Girl Scout's sense of honesty and fairness. A Girl Scout works honestly and keeps her promise. She is fair in all she does and those she meets.
  • Friendly and helpful <girl #2>
    The blue ribbon on this candle represents a Girl Scout's sense of friendship and thoughtfulness. A Girl Scout is amiable and loyal to her friends. She helps others wherever and whenever she can.
  • Considerate and caring <girl #3>
    The orange ribbon on this candle represents a Girl Scout's sense of kindness and warmth. A Girl Scout works well with others and looks out for the well-being of others.
  • Courageous and strong <girl #4>
    The red ribbon on this candle represents a Girl Scout's sense of adventure and independence. A Girl Scout attempts new tasks and braves new endeavors. She is confident and self-assured in her actions.
  • Responsible for what I say and do <girl #5>
    The gold ribbon on this candle represents a Girl Scout's sense of ownership and pride in her work. She readily admits her strengths and weakness and is aware of the consequences of her actions. A Girl Scout is up front with her intentions.

And to: (all the girls say together)

  • Respect myself and others <girl #6>
    The white ribbon on this candle represents a Girl Scout's sense of integrity. A Girl Scout directs her thoughts and deeds to encompass her won beliefs and to be sensitive to, and respectful of the beliefs of those around her.
  • Respect authority <girl #7>
    The yellow ribbon on this candle represents a Girl Scout's sense of regard for another's position. A Girl Scout understands the importance of having a leader of a group to make final decisions. She works with that leader to make the best decisions for the good of the group.
  • Use resources wisely <girl #8>
    The green ribbon on this candle represents a Girl Scout's sense of being careful with resources. She uses her materials, money, time, and energy wisely. A Girl Scout does not wasted the Earth's resources.
  • Make the world a better place <girl #9>
    The brown ribbon on this candle represents a Girl Scout's sense of improvement. A Girl Scout strives to be clean, conserve, and enrich the world around her. She believes it is important to leave a better place than when she found it.
  • Be a sister to every Girl Scout <girl #10>
    The silver ribbon on this candle represents a Girl Scout's loyalty to sisters all over the world. A Girl Scout is always ready to accept more friends into her ever widening circle. She treats all of her sisters with kindness, acceptance, and warmth.


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