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Independence Day: How It’s Significant to Scouts and Scouters
Blog     1 Jul 2015 | 8:23 am
On the Fourth of July, the Scouting nation will celebrate one of the most revered and celebrated days in American history: Independence Day. A time for appreciating our nation’s freedom, Independence Day is a special holiday for Scouts and Scouters to commemorate America’s adoption of the Declaration of Independence. And as citizens of this great nation, Scouts learn the importance of honoring the significant day. Read on to hear first-hand about Scouters’ celebrations (both past and present) of the country’s independence. Independence Day Scouting Memories “In the summer of 1997, I visited my son at the National Jamboree at Fort AP Hill. During the recorded playing of Lee Greenwood’s...

The Secret to Recruiting Success in the July ScoutCast
Blog     1 Jul 2015 | 7:28 am
Your troop is packed with youth leaders, diverse talent, countless community service projects, and adventurous outdoor memories. You might feel like families not involved in Scouting don’t totally understand all your Scouts accomplish. But that’s a problem when it comes to successful membership recruitment. Recruiting relies on bringing Scouting “outsiders” into the program. It’s about showing these families what value Scouting can add to their lives. And every member of the Scouting team, from Cub Scout to Scout executive, is responsible for spreading this message. If you’re thinking, “easier said than done,” then this month’s ScoutCast is the perfect listen for you! In July’s...

Watching our young citizens celebrate America’s freedom
Blog     1 Jul 2015 | 6:46 am
My heart always swells with pride at the sight of a Scout unit leading the way or aboard a float for a Fourth of July parade.  It’s our way of honoring those brave souls who led our nation to freedom as we declared our independence. Being a good citizen and honoring our heritage are among the many values we teach through the Scout Oath and Scout Law, and I’m happy to see that many units are taking those values to heart with their plans for Independence Day this year. Some of their activities include: A pancake breakfast by Troop 752 in Westlake...

Everything a Scout Should Know About U.S. Flag Retirement
Blog     30 Jun 2015 | 2:53 pm
Did you know the Boy Scouts of America is one of the very few organizations that have an official code for flag retirement? Respect for our nation’s symbols are an integral part of being a reverent, responsible Scout; thus we have specific rules for the appropriate retirement of the United States flag. In fact, conducting a flag retirement ceremony is a very meaningful opportunity for Scouts and Scouters to reflect on the meaning of the flag as a great symbol of freedom. The BSA Handbook states: “A national flag that is worn beyond repair may be burned in a fire. The ceremony should be...

How are Your Council’s Investment Returns?
Blog     30 Jun 2015 | 12:51 pm
As of May 31, 2015, sixty-seven local council affiliated partners representing millions in assets, now use BSA Asset Management, LLC (BSAAM) as an investment manager. For periods ended May 31, 2015, the BSA Commingled Endowment Fund, LP earned 1.44 percent for the quarter, 6.10 percent for 1 year, 11.40 percent (annualized) for 3 years, and 10.51 percent (annualized) for 5 years, net of fees. How does that compare to your council’s investment returns? While past performance is no indicator of future returns, the fund also has a very low cost basis which allows these councils to save significant dollars in management...

What Cub Scouts Can Teach You About Handling Knives and Your Career
Blog     30 Jun 2015 | 9:54 am
How do eight to ten-year-olds wielding knives impact your job satisfaction? LinkedIn blogger Nathaniel Sellers made some pretty telling observations when he and his wife assisted Cub Scouts in carving soap. This activity is a staple in Cub Scouting, but to someone assuming a Scouting volunteer role with fresh eyes, soap carving smuggles in a slew of lessons for professionals too. In his post, Sellers shares his experience observing the Scouts (who were surprisingly focused) and wraps up with a “Lesson for the Big Kids” (that’s you!). See exactly how this cherished Cub Scout adventure equates to personal success and professional development for you by heading to Sellers’...

3 Ways Scouting Can Help You Be a “Battle Bots” Champion
Blog     30 Jun 2015 | 9:34 am
You may have heard about the Scouting family who’s kicking some serious robot butt in the television competition series “Battle Bots,” and now you’re probably thinking “how can I do that, too?” Well, we thought the same thing (who doesn’t want to build really cool fighting robots). So with the Bales family from the South Florida Council in mind, Scouting Wire has three tips for Scouts aspiring to nab a “Battle Bots” victory of their very own. 1. Earn STEM merit badges If you are going to be constructing high-tech robots built to crush, clobber, and defeat, you have to have a solid science, technology, engineering,...

Keep Your Cool in the Scout Camp Summer Heat
Blog     30 Jun 2015 | 8:45 am
Even the Weather Channel’s Wake Up with Al (that’s Al Roker) turns to Scouters for advice on how to thrive in the outdoors – which is why correspondent Dave Malkoff caught up with the Atlanta Area Council’s Bert Adams Scout Camp staff member Samantha Grinstead for the show’s Hot Jobs series. The bustling camp is about an hour outside of Atlanta, where it’s been 90 degrees and hotter for a third of this month. As the refreshing water Scouts splash in beckons to Grinstead, she stays on the sidelines as a lifeguard, ensuring they’re safe. Check out the feature below to hear from Grinstead on how she handles the heat, and check...





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