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May 2010 Newsletter

Author:  InsaneScouter

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May 27, 2010

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InsaneScouter Information

Welcome back to another issue of the InsaneScouter Newsletter. You will find a lot of helpful ideas in this issue, as with every issue. Take your time and explore all the links. If you find this newsletter useful please pass it on to all your friends.

A few weeks ago I was talking to my friend Tom at http://CampfireGrill.com. You may have noticed Tom decided to become one of our sponsors, but that is not all. He also agreed to supply three of his grills to give away to you!!!

This giveaway is going to be a bit different, first it runs through the August Newsletter when we will announce the winners. Second, you need to be registered at InsaneScouter (such as being subscribed to the newsletter). Third, you need to email me recipe(s) that Boy Scouts can make on there own or with a little help while in camp. You will need to tell us who to give credit to for the recipe, also if possible please include a photo of the dish made. You may submitted more then one recipe, however please don't spam us either. We will go through the recipes and pick our favorites, the more we like your recipe the better your chance is to win.

All recipes we like will be compiled into a e-book. Everyone who submits a recipe will receive a copy of this e-book, once it is compiled.

InsaneScouter Ramblings blog...
For those of you who follow my blog I have changed to using feedburner for the rss feed, mostly because it provided me better stats then I can do on my own. You can subscribe to the blog at http://feeds.feedburner.com/NewInsanescouterRamblingBlogPosts

If you run a website or blog related to the outdoors or Scouting please drop me a note letting me know, including a url and brief description. Also feel free to add your sites, or any other Scouting related sites to http://scouterlinks.com by logging in to InsaneScouter, click on the control panel link, and then add links.

I was recently experimenting with an idea for a new home page / layout for InsaneScouter. I was wondering what you all thought http://insanescouter.org/tmp/test.php

I don't know how many of you play around on squidoo, but the other day I was and decided to create a lens just to test it out. You can find the InsaneScouter lens at http://www.squidoo.com/insanescouter also you can follow InsaneScouter on facebook, just do a search and you will find the profile, group and fan page.

For those of you who would like to help us promote InsaneScouter check out http://insanescouter.org/promoteus.php …. A few ideas include adding a link, banner or widget to your own Scouting website, unit site, or even encouraging your Council or District to link to us. Another option is to print out one of the pdf fliers to pass out at roundtables, trainings, camps, etc. Anything you can do to help spread the word is appreciated.

For about the last six weeks I have been running a survey, part of the survey was a list of features / services we are considering adding. One of those items was the sales of the “Trail Blazer” ad package into a fundraiser of sorts where the person / unit selling the ad makes $65 per ad sold. This idea did not get the best of votes, and thus I am not going to build anything major out to support this idea. However I would like to give those a chance who were interested in selling the package. Keep in mind if you sell 2-3 packages that is enough to pay for a week of summer camp and will help us improve InsaneScouter. If you would like to give this a shot drop me an email. I will provide you with some information to present, such as info about the sites, statics about our traffic, etc. Again just email me if your interested.

As always thank you to everyone who has put in time and effort to make InsaneScouter a great site. If you have any suggestions on how to make the sites better, please feel free to drop me a note.

New Content

Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag
Bill of rights
Props: Have each boy come in with a small American flag.1st Cub: The right to worship God in one’s own way.2nd Cub: The right to free speech and press.3rd Cub: The right to peaceable assembly.4th Cub: The right to petition for a redress of grievances.5th Cub: The right to privacy in our homes.6th Cub: The right to habeas corpus - no excessive bail.7th Cub: The right to trial by jury - innocent until proven guilty.8th Cub: The right to move...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Red Light, Green Light
In this game, one person plays the “stop light” and the rest try totouch him. At the start, all the players form a line about 15 feetaway from the stop light. The stop light faces away from theline of players and says “green light”. At this point the Playersare allowed to move towards the stoplight. At any point, thestop light may say “red light!” and turn around. If any of theplayers are caught moving after this has occurred, they are...
Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag
Flag: America
A: Abounding wildlife running freeM: Majestic mountains from sea to seaE: Eagles soaring through evergreen forestsR: Raging rivers and nature's own chorusI: Immeasurable love God has for usC: Courageous people who love this landA: Adventures in Scouting, lessons firsthandCub Scout #8 "Will you please join us in the Pledge of Allegiance?...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Bug Bite Tag
One person is IT (the "bug").Whenever someone is tagged bythe bug, they must hold a bandage(their hand) on the spot where they were tagged (bitten by the bug). Then the game continues.When someone runs out of bandages, (they get tagged three times), they are frozen until twoother players come and "give first aid" to them. In order to give first aid, the two players musttag the frozen person at the same time and count to five. Switch the person who...
Home > Resources > Ceremonies > Flag
Patriotic Bugs
When we get sick, we usually get a virus, sometimes called a bug. These kinds of bugs makeus stay home from school, stay in bed, and make us bored while we wait for our bodies to fightand destroy them and then we’re all better.There are some good bugs though. Have you ever caught or even heard of the Patriotic Bug?This is the best bug to catch. It allows you to have pride for America and all the freedoms wehave. After...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Swat the Fly
Materials needed:One pool noodle     Play:Everyone sits in a circle around the person who is IT (“the Swatter”).The Swatter, who has the pool noodle, counts “1, 2, 3, go” and everyone else (the flies) runsyelling, “Swat the fly!” The swatter then tries to swat all the flies he can. If a fly is swatted, heis out. The first fly swatted, however, becomes the swatter for the next game. The swattercontinues to swat until he gives up or can’t catch anyone else....
Home > Resources > Activities > Skits
A Christmas Sotry (Audience participation)
Characters:HOUSE Hands over head in inverted “V”SHED Hands in front of chest in inverted “V”SLED Hands together as in praying, waving from left to right.REINDEER One hand, palm forward, at each side of head, thumbtouching templesPACK Both hands over shoulder as if carrying a loadLITLE GIRLS All girls (young and old) stand upLITTLE BOYS All boys (young and old) stand upBOX Show dimensions with handsLION GrowlDOLL Both hands as if praying at side of head, head slightly bentSOLDIER Give Cub...
Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
Bring Back My Spaceship to Me
Tune: My Bonnie Lies Over the OceanI went for a ride in my spaceshipThe moon and the planets to seeI went for a ride in my spaceshipNow listen what happened to me.(Chorus)Bring back, bring back,Oh bring back my spaceship to me, to me.Bring back, bring back,Oh bring back my spaceship to me.While sitting aloft in my spaceshipThe capsule was crowded and tight.To lessen the cramps in my musclesI went for a walk in the night. (Chorus)I went for a walk...
Home > Resources > Activities > Skits
Doodads: Clickety-clack, clickety clackDingford: Whiz, bang, boomFreedistant: Whoosh, whooshHigoricky: Snap, crackle, popScatereekus: All sounds togetherVery few families these days can get by without a thingamajig. Sure you can buy one at the localhardware and appliance store, in all sorts of colors, sizes, shapes, makes and models, but as easyas they are to build yourself, you should just get a kit and put it together. Here are a simple set ofinstructions for building your own thingamajig…The Doodads of the thingamajig kit...
Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
The Noble Captain Kirk
Tune: The Grand Old Duke of YorkThe Noble Captain KirkHe had 500 men.He beamed them up to the Enterprise,And he beamed them down again.And when they’re up, they’re up.And when they’re down, they’re down.And when they’re only halfway up,They’re nowhere to be found...
Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
Songs of My Shoes
Tune: Battle Hymn of the RepublicMy shoes have seen the glory of the growing of a Scout.My shoes the been in water steppin’ in and steppin’ out.My shoes have hiked through forest to the top of the mountMy shoes are wearing out!Groovy, Radical, and Awesome (repeat 3x)My shoes do really stink!My shoes have seen the bottom of the dirty, fishy creek,My shoes have been all covered with the gooey, muddy cake,My shoes have seen the same old socks for seven...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Musical Beach towels
Materials needed:Beach towels or matsfor each player minusone (carpet squarescould be used insteadas the beach towelscould be too slippery),music to play(preferably Hawaiian).Play:Lay out one less beach towel/mat than youhave players/beach walkers. Have the beachwalkers walk in a circle around thetowels/mats when the music plays. Whenthe music is turned off the beach walkersmust stand on a towel/mat. The beachwalker who does not make it to a towel/matis out until the next game. Remove anothertowel/mat and start the music again. Keeprepeating this...
Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
Lassa Walks In Circles
Lassa walks in circles and that's the way it goes, Lassa walks in circles and that's the way it goes, Right hand to your partner, Left hand to your neighbour, Arms around the 3rd one and that's the way it goes, Dancing with Lappadu  Dancing with Lappadu, Lappadu, Lappadu Dancing with Lappadu, Lappadu, Lappadu Do you want to dance with Lappadu? Yes Have you danced with Lappadu before? Yes Have you danced with Lappadu holding hands? No ears, noses, knees...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Hula La
Materials needed for each team:Hula Skirts, Beachcomber Hats, FlowerBracelets and/or Flower Headbands, Leis,Assorted Beach Wear ItemsPlay:Divide playersinto equal teams.Choose a playerfrom each teamto be the “HulaLa.” Have eachteam form a linewith the “HulaLa” at the end. Place one of each of theitems in a pile at the beginning of each line.To begin, the first person in line puts on allthe items in the pile. The second person inline can help only by handing items to theperson getting dressed. After all...
Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
Land Of Oden
In the land of Oden, there lies a mountain,Ten thousand miles, in the airFrom edge to edgeThis mountain measures, Ten thousand miles squareA little bird comes a wingingOnce every thousand years or soSharpens its beak on teh mountainAnd then he swiftly flies awayAnd when this mountain has worn awaythat in eternity will beBut one single day.In the land of Oden,There lies a mountainTen thousand miles in the airIn the airIn the air....
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Pass the coconut
Materials needed:one coconut, music preferably HawaiianPlay:Players sit in a circle with one playerholding the coconut. The music begins andthe coconut is passed around the circle untilthe music is stopped. The player holding thecoconut when the music is stopped is out.The music begins again and the playcontinues until there is only one player left     ...
Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
La Loi Guide
La Loi Guide m'invite d'etre honnete, Digne de confiance; D'utiliser mes ressources avec sagesse; Me respecter, respecter les autres; Connairtre et utiliser mes talents; Proteger l'environnement; Etre forte et courageuse,Partager dans la joie L'amitie de mes soeurs Guides....
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Penguin Tag
Materials needed:NonePlay:One person is "IT." Every other player tries to avoid being tagged.If they get tagged, they become frozen until they are tagged byanother player. To avoid being tagged, players can put their armsat their sides, legs together, feet turned out and waddle like apenguin. Players are only safe in this pose for 10 seconds....
Home > Resources > Activities > Songs
La Chanson Des Brownies
Nous les Brownies, avons un butRendre ser-vice, jou-er le jeu....
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Polar Bears Fly
Materials needed:NonePlay:The players stand in a group facing the leader. Eachplayer should have enough room to make full "flapping"movements with their arms. The leader calls out "Ducksfly." "Owls fly." "Polar bears fly” ...and so on. If theanimal that is called out really does fly, the playersshould continue flapping their "wings". If the animal isthe type that does not fly, the playersshould stop flapping. If a player flaps when heshouldn’t or doesn’t flap when he should, he is then outuntil the...
Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Desserts
Dandy Sandy Dessert
Ingredients:16 oz. package vanilla sandwich cookies2 cups milk3.4 oz. box vanilla instant pudding8 oz. tub whipped topping, thawed10 oz. clear plastic cups (8)Decorative candiesPaper umbrellasCrush the cookies and set aside. Combine the pudding mix and milk. Mix as directed on thepackage. Chill for 5 minutes. Stir whipped topping and half of the crushed cookies into thepudding. Fill each cup with layers of crushed cookies, pudding mix and more crushed cookies.Place in refrigerator for an hour. Decorate....
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
You did it
Materials needed:Compass for each team, compass directions for each team, puzzle pieceswith message for each team, prizesPlay:When you lay out the course, place two parts at each location. One part hasthe compass directions to get you to the next place and the other part is theactual puzzle piece. Divide the Cubs into teams of two or three players per team. The playersuse their compass to follow the directions to move from one point to another and collect theirpuzzle pieces. When...
Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Desserts
Polar Ice Cap Drink
Ingredients:Blue Kool-aid (prepared as directed)Lemon-lime sodaVanilla ice creamPut the Kool-aid and the soda in the refrigerator until they are cold. Fill aclear plastic cup almost halfway with the blue Kool-aid. Add the soda almost to the top of theglass. Carefully drop in a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Enjoy your "North Pole" drink with astraw...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Star Wars
Materials needed:As many Nerf balls as possible, rope to use as a divider, 2 poolnoodles, 2 poly-spotsPlay:Divide the playing space in half with the rope. Each team has one Jediknight (with a light saber [pool noodle]), a star base (poly-spot), andmany death stars (Nerf balls). At the start, both teams rush to thedividing line, gather as many death stars as possible and begin hurlingthem at their opponents. If a death star hits a player, they becomefrozen immediately. If a player...
Home > Resources > The Outdoors > Cooking > Desserts
Polar Bear Pops
Ingredients:4 firm, ripe bananas8 wooden craft sticksPeanuts2 cups white chocolate chips1-1/2 Tbsp. vegetable shorteningWafer candiesCherriesAssorted small candiesCut each banana in half. Insert a craft stick at the bottom, position two peanut halves at thetop to look like ears and place on a wire rack. Melt chocolate and shortening on top of a doubleboiler. Pour mixture over the banana as it sits on the rack until it is well-covered.To make a bear face: Place a wafer on the banana for the...
Home > Resources > Activities > Games
Rocket race to Mars
Materials needed:Large piece of plain paper about 36” x 36”, Crayons or markers,Paper for folding airplanes, Blind foldPlay:Lay the large piece of paper on the ground. This paper represents a space map of the universe.With a heavy red crayon or marker draw a solid colored circle about 3 inches in diameter on thespace map. This red circle will be Mars. Next draw several other planets on the paper usingdifferent colors. Each player gets to make a space ship (a paper...
Home > Newsletter
Newsletter - 2010 - April
TheApril 26, 2010 Please share this newsletter with your Scouting friends. They may sign-up here.   InsaneScouter Information ...
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Remember, if you are having fun everyone else is having fun.  When we get into the second half of the Scouting year, us Leaders start looking at the “Finish Line” aka the end of the Scouting year.  It is bittersweet,...

Gift Of Scouting
As a Leader I won't tell you how many times I have heard from a parent “Johnny got bad grades (or was bad) and is grounded which includes no Scouts...”To me this seems so counter productive. I will admit I...

Does your unit collect dues? I have heard many many different theories when it comes to dues. The main concept of dues is its an easy way to charge the participants a recurring fee to help cover the costs of...

LostBy David WagonerStand still. The trees ahead and bushes beside youAre not lost. Wherever you are is called Here,And you must treat it as a powerful stranger,Must ask permission to know it and be known.The forest breathes. Listen. It answers,I...

Bushcraft – Making a Bowl / Oil Lamp
 I was watching some bushcraft videos on youtube and thought you would like it too......

Now this is the Pack Trainer in me talking or the pt part of ptsteve, lol.  No lecture, I have always found no one listens when lectured to. If you don’t know all REQUIRED training by BSA can be done online,...

Why Is He A Scout
 When I served on the District Training team we loved to ask this question. We would get a whole array of answers from belonging to something, camping, learning, etc. Well if you ask me there is only ONE right answer...

What Is A Team
I was recently watching the Disney movie “The Mighty Ducks”. There is a seen in there where Gorden Bombay the coach is talking to his soon to be ex-boss.“I remember something that my father once told me. A team is...

Hmmm... Hot Marshmallow Stick
On one pustular campout we had invited some second year Webelos to join us. This campout was at a small lake about 90 minutes from our city. I remember we had a big court of honor at the end of...

Oh No! - My Group First Aid Kit
Many years ago I created a large group first aid kit out of a tackle box. In this post I am going to give you a tour of my kit in the hopes it may help you create or improve...

Hmmm.... Mules & Rivers
This is another tale from my trip as a Scout to Philmont. For two or maybe it was three days we had two pack mule that joined us on our trail journey. A fair amount of that time I held...

It is that time of years the boys in Cub Scouts are Graduating to the next rank.  The Webelos 2 have bridged over and now it is time for the others to advance.  I consider them all "my boys" and...

Trash – Did You Know?
I found what follows on this website http://www.divinecaroline.com/22355/49745-landfill--trash-really-last-Glass Bottle—One Million Years Okay, we don’t really know whether a glass bottle takes a million years, two million years, or a million years and one day to degrade since no one has...

Hmmm... Hiking Rattle Snake
This story actually occurred to me as a Scout... No I was not bitten by a snake but I came close twice. As a teenager hiking I tended to just hike, pay attention to the scenery, chat with the other...

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Twig Picture Frame Craft
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Easy Delicious Dutch Oven Burritos
Hello fellow Scouters, We had a family in my former pack that were some of the nicest people you could meet. Along with being wonderful people, they were awesome outdoor cooks! They...


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Boy Scouts hosting a fishing tournament - NorthJersey.com
Boy Scouts hosting a fishing tournamentNorthJersey.comThere is a $5 entry fee, with all proceeds to benefit Boy Scouts. Registration will be from 9:30 to 10:25 am Fishing will take place...

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Agoura boy earns Eagle Scout rank - Agoura Hills Acorn
NorthJersey.comAgoura boy earns Eagle Scout rankAgoura Hills AcornChris has earned 26 merit badges since he joined the Boy Scouts in kindergarten. He said some have been more meaningful than others,...

Claremont Junior Girl Scouts win Bronze Award - Inland Valley Daily Bulletin
Claremont Junior Girl Scouts win Bronze AwardInland Valley Daily BulletinCLAREMONT - The Girl Scout Council of Greater Los Angeles and KidCare International last weekend presented Claremont Junior Girl Scout Troop...


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They Saved the Baby from the River!
John Fitzgerald, 9, Christian Nanson, 11, and other members of Pack 100 and Troop 100 were swimming in Nebraska’s Platte River when Christian spotted a baby floating facedown in the...

He saved the boy from the riptide!
As Todd Staszak, 15, was bodyboarding at Hatteras, N.C., he heard cries for help. A man was trying to save his son and his son’s friend as a powerful riptide...


Thoughts to Ponder

Picking On Him

On a hike or in camp we reveal our true selves most. Did you ever know a Scout who thought people were always picking on him?
I recall a boy who pitched his tent carelessly and it blew down on him in the middle of the night. He tried hard to blame it on someone else, but finally had to admit to himself, "Well, I guess it was my own fault. "

Another time he burned a steak. "It was the fire's fault," he insisted, until the other fellows laughed at him and showed him how the same bed of coals could help turn out a well-cooked steak.

Things usually happen to us because we set the stage for them. Actually, people are too busy to spend their time picking on us.
When something goes wrong, the first place to look for the cause is within ourselves.



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