The Secret Friend
Posted On: 2022-05-26

Ask children to write down the name and a surname of each person on separate leaflets and to curtail them so that one won't be able to see what is written. Combine the curtailed leaflets in a box and suggest each child to pull out one. Ask children to keep in secret, whose name is on the taken-out leaflet. If someone pulls out the leaflet with his own name, then he must pull again.

Explain to children, that the person, whose name is on their leaflet, henceforth becomes their "secret friend", and from now on within the next three days, they should show him more attention (in other words, treat him as the best friend would, but try to do it secretly).

Suggest children to draw a portrait of "the secret friend" or to write him a letter. In a few days ask the children to guess, who was for each of them "the secret friend" and conduct with all the children a conversation about friendship.