Candy Store #2
Posted On: 2022-04-06

Announcer: This skit takes place in a candy store.

Owner: [Working behind the counter, mumbling to himself]

Yep, yep, just like always, costs are up, and profits are down.

Boy: [entering] Hi, mister.

Owner: Hi, son. What would you like?

Boy: I'd like two bubble gums.

Owner: O.K. [reaching up on shelf] What else?

Boy: I'd like three gummy bears.

(Owner reaches to even higher shelves as boy adds to his list of likes.)

Owner: [running out of patience] All right, that's 75 cents.

Boy: Oh, I said I'd like them. I didn't say I wanted to pay for them.

[Owner chases Boy out of store]

(The success of this skit depends on the owner's exasperation increasing and his exaggerated reaching for candy jars farther and farther up the shelves.)