Photo Essay
Posted On: 2022-01-31

In this activity, patrols prepare a pictorial record of some of the natural phenomena they've observed during past projects. Each patrol needs a camera with flash and 20-24 exposure color print film.

Patrols have a list of 12 subjects to photograph and must choose six other subjects. Before the next meeting, they must have their prints developed and mounted on cardboard for display.

Patrol Instructions

Your task is to take 18 photographs in your area. The photos must include the 12 subjects listed below as well as six others of your own choice. The only criteria for the subjects you choose yourselves are that they must feature some natural phenomena or object in the area As well as natural subjects, your photos must include members of your patrol.

  1. At least two pictures must include all patrol members except one.
  2. Each member of your patrol must appear in at least three pictures.
  3. At least four pictures must contain only one Scout.
  4. At least two pictures must contain only two Scouts.

Mandatory Photo Subjects

  1. The most beautiful tree in the area
  2. The most littered part of the area
  3. The most colorful natural object
  4. An example of old life providing for new
  5. Your patrol's favorite spot in the area
  6. The spot where the presence of people is most noticeable
  7. The best smelling spot
  8. The ugliest nonhuman natural object in the area
  9. Evidence of spring
  10. A plant you cannot name
  11. The spot containing the densest vegetation
  12. The best patrol in the area

Give these ideas a try this spring. If you don't have a suitable spot close to your meeting place, think spring camp. They are designed to go whatever weather. As Scouter Stout says, "There are no reported cases of Scouts shrinking or dissolving in the rain."